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Flooding and the Future of Houston

Published on 9/22/2018
For the first half of the program, Jim Blackburn, co-director of the Severe Storm Prevention, Education, and Evacuation from Disaster (SPEED) Center at Rice University and director of the Bayou City Initiative, and Dr. Stephen Klineberg, founding director of the Kinder Institute for Urban Research at Rice University, will discuss flooding and the future of Houston.

This will be the first public conversation between Blackburn, who specializes in sustainable development, environmental law, and civil and environmental engineering, and Dr. Klineberg, urban and environmental sociology expert.

For the second half, Wendy Watriss, award-winning social and political photojournalist, will lead a discussion about documenting major traumatic events from the photographer's perspective. Watriss is joined by Houston Chronicle photojournalists Elizabeth Conley, Brett Coomer, Melissa Phillip, and Godofredo Vasquez, all of whom were on the front lines of documenting Hurricane H